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This Week @ Queen’s Park & Parliament Hill – February 23, 2018

  • Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Marie-France Lalonde introduced Bill 195, the Correctional Services Transformation Act, 2018 that, if passed, would repeal and replace the Ministry of Correctional Services Act. Like Bill 175 on the policing side of the Ministry, this legislation is designed to modernize the corrections system.
  • Chief Jennifer Evans and Executive Director Ron Bain attended a meeting the Future of Policing Advisory Committee (FPAC) on February 19, 2018.  The meeting focused on possible amendments to Bill 175, the Safer Ontario Act, 2017. Also discussed at the meeting was the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Service’s intention to bring back the Policing Standards Advisory Committee (PSAC) to deal with issues such as equipment, standards, and other operational issues that FPAC is not designed to address.  The new PSAC would be expanded to include stakeholders not previously involved in the Committee.
  • Chief Superintendent Chuck Cox and Superintendent Scott Baptist, Co-Chairs of the OACP Traffic Safety Committee, met with officials from the office of Minister of Government and Consumer Services on February 20, 2018 to discuss the issue of Validation Tags.  The government is moving forward with eliminating Val Tags, something that the OACP strongly opposes.
  • Superintendent Scott Baptist also attended a Ministry of Transportation round table on the first Canadian Automated Vehicle (AV) Pilot Program to test AV technology on Ontario’s roads on February 21, 2018.
  • The OACP has submitted input to the AGCO on public safety issues related to a request to alter the sale and service hours in licenced establishments throughout the Province of Ontario on February 19, 23 and 24, 2018. Specifically, the request would see sales and service commencing at 7:00 am as opposed to the 11:00 am legislated hour.
  • Further to the All Chiefs Memo issued on January 25, 2018 by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services regarding the Ministry’s Response to Ombudsman’s De-Escalation Report, the University of Toronto research team retained by the Ministry is asking that each police service nominate one to two officers to be a part of a committee that will provide expert guidance to the team. Please contact the office of Assistant Deputy Minister Steve Beckett ( for more information. The deadline for nominations is February 28, 2018.
  • Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) President Directeur Mario Harel, Chief Superintendent Chuck Cox (co-Chair, CACP Traffic Committee and OACP Traffic Committee), and Ottawa PS Legal Counsel Lara Malashenko (CACP Law Amendments Committee) presented to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs on February 16, 2018 regarding Bill C-46, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (offences relating to conveyances) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. The proposed legislation introduced by the Federal Government relates to the legalization of cannabis and changes to impaired driving laws. Information on this Bill, in both English and French, can be accessed here.
  • A report from the Federal Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage entitled Taking Action Against Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination Including Islamophobia has been released. This report includes a number of recommendations, including some directly related to law enforcement:


  • Recommendation 5 … that the Government of Canada establish uniform pan-Canadian guidelines and standards for the collection and handling of hate crime data and hate incident data; this would include efforts to standardize the definition and the interpretation, by law enforcement, of hate crimes.

  • Recommendation 6 … that the Government of Canada create a national database to retain and analyze hate crime and hate incident data.

  • Recommendation 7 … working with Statistics Canada to enable access to increased information on hate crime offenders and their motivations.


  • Recommendation 8 … that the Government of Canada mandate relevant departments and encourage partners at the provincial and municipal levels and within civil society to create additional reporting options for victims of hate crimes and hate incidents, in addition to reporting to law enforcement.


  • Recommendation 28 … that the Government of Canada work with the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs to incorporate racial and cultural sensitivity training as well as specific training for the handling of hate crime cases for officers and other members of law enforcement.
  • Recommendation 29 … that the Government of Canada increase funding for law enforcement and security agencies to investigate hate speech on the Internet and to enforce existing laws.
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