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The New OACP Constable Selection System

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police has launched a new Constable Selection System (OACP CSS). The new process was developed after extensive consultation and input from provincial and municipal police services across Ontario as well as numerous external professional advisory groups.  It is designed to address barriers to potential recruits and be more accessible and affordable than the previous selection system since it offers on-line convenience to potential recruits while being sensitive to the needs of candidates in different parts of Ontario.

Individuals wishing to apply to many Ontario police services now have access to an on-line, three-phase constable selection process at a cost of $250.00:

  • Phase 1 – Pre-hiring Stage (On-line Information): At this beginning stage, applicants apply to receive an online package that is emailed to them. In this package, a number of documents are provided to the applicant in order to prepare them for their next steps to apply to become a Police Officer and allow police service to assess their suitability for Police Constable.
  • Phase 2 – General Mental Ability Assessment: The General Mental Ability Assessment done at this stage measures an individual’s ability to problem-solve, comprehend complex ideas, expediency, reasoning, planning and applying learned skills; and
  • Phase 3 – Personality Assessment: The personality assessment stage is designed to provide police services with effective methods for assessing applicants.

The new OACP Certificate will continue to evolve with input from all police services. Meanwhile, our certificate support staff are working to address questions and inquiries from interested individuals. Please refer candidates to or for more information.

Follow the new social media platforms – Twitter: @CertificateOacp and Instagram: oacpcertificate – and stay up-to-date.

The OACP is in the process of organizing a no cost one-day event to be held January 16th for all recruiters to assist them in understanding and implementing the new OACP Certificate process at their service.

Registration information will be sent out to all Chiefs soon.

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