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Province-wide Digital Evidence Management Questionnaire

In November 2019, the Ministry of the Solicitor General shared information about a proposal to adopt a province-wide digital evidence management (DEM) solution for Ontario. The Ministry sent a questionnaire to all police services to capture information on who is currently using or exploring DEM solutions. The information gathered is being used to enhance a procurement planned for Winter 2020.

 Thank you to the police services that completed the questionnaire. Of the 38 police services/OPP that have responded so far:

  • Zero have a fully deployed DEM
  • 6 (13%) have a DEM: 5 are with Axon and 1 with a “in-house” solution
  • 17 (35%) are in various stages of acquisition: 9 have selected the same vendor, 1 is working with a different vendor and 7 have not determined a vendor
  • 15 police services responded that they don’t have a DEM and are not in the process of acquisition 31% (the majority use internal storage processes for digital evidence and some use Niche and Versadex)

On January 8, a reminder to complete the questionnaire was sent to the police services who have not yet responded. Stay tuned for further updates on the status of Digital Evidence Management.  Please direct any questions to Richard Stubbings, Director, CJDD Project – Ministry of the Solicitor General at

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