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Police Services Board Vacancies Likely to Continue

The issue of long-standing vacancies on Police Services Board has long been a point of concern for police leaders. The issue was discussed at the April 2017 OACP Board of Directors meeting.  Subsequently, the OACP raised the issue in a letter to the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the Hon. Marie-France Lalonde, outlining our collective concerns on this matter.  We also discussed the issue with the Minister during a meeting in June.

In a letter to the OACP this week, Minister Lalonde maintains that “appropriate time” needs to be taken for interviews and background checks when it comes to potential PSB members. Police services are encouraged to reach out to Police Services Advisors with their concerns – something that services have already engaged in for years.

The OACP President and staff will continue to advocate with government decision-makers for a resolution of the issues we have raised on behalf of police services in Ontario.

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