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New Police Record Checks Guideline

The OACP has issued an updated version of its LEARN Guideline for Police Record Checks. This document is intended to assist police services understand and apply relevant legislation, policies, procedures and directives to the processing of Police Record Checks. It is also intended to promote consistency in processing methods as well as terminology used throughout the Province of Ontario.

The LEARN Guideline are part of the OACP Board of Directors’ action on this important area of law enforcement in Ontario. The Board motions committed the OACP to short- and long-term objectives (in collaboration with a number of our community partners). The motions were passed in February 2014 and they are:

Motion #1 - Short Term Recommendations

  1. Public education about the benefits and limitations of Criminal Record Checks
  2. Presumption against disclosure of non-conviction records
  3. Crafting a narrow public safety exception to protect the most vulnerable people in our communities.


Motion #2 - Long Term Recommendations

  1. Work for provincial change to:

a. Lobby for legislation

b. Implement an evidence-based procedure for determining when non-conviction information can be disclosed.



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