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Minister Lalonde Meets with OACP Board (#OACPBoD)

The OACP Board of Directors met February 7 and 8 to conduct association business and discuss major issues affecting policing and public safety in Ontario. The highlight of the meeting was having the Hon. Marie-France Lalonde, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS), join the Board for a positive discussion about her mandate, listen to the Board members on policing and public safety issues, and talk about how the OACP can work with MCSCS to advance safety and well-being in the Province.

The Minister stated that she expects that the new Police Services Act (which she committed to be introduced for First Reading by the end of May) will be fairly broad in nature, with an emphasis on development of Regulations (once the Bill is passed later this year) to enable the broad principles of the legislation.  She also discussed at length the need to bring First Nations police services more into the legislative framework for policing and sought the Board’s views on the legalization of marihuana.

Other meeting highlights included:

  • The OACP Board approved a new five-year Strategic Plan (2017-2021).  Watch for more information on this;
  • Assistant Deputy Minister Steve Beckett outlined a revised process for the Policing Effectiveness and Modernization (PEM) Grant.  The changes were outlined in All Chiefs Memo 17-0009 2017/18 Grant Repurposing Update.  The application deadline has been extended to March 31 and the Ministry will be hosting webinars to outline the process in detail. MCSCS has also committed to engage in consultations with the OACP and other organizations on next year’s grants allocation.  These consultations are to be wrapped up by this June. Please contact Joe Couto at if you would like a copy of the All Chiefs. Members may also wish to access the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s update on the PEM Grant.
  • The Board agreed to endorse the Ministry’s Multi-year Research Study: Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstance (street checks) initiative with Statistics Canada;
  • The ADM provided an overview of the Ministry’s de-escalation initiatives, which include an academic research by the University of Toronto and a focus on effective training for police officers.
  • ADM Beckett notified the Board that the Ontario Police College will not run a motorcycle course this year. 
  • The Board discussed the need for Ontario police services to take advantage of OACP education, training, and professional development opportunities (check our events page for the latest information!);
  • A discussion took place about the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police’s strategic planning process for key national law enforcement issues;
  • This year’s Police Leadership Program (PLP), which will run from September 18 to October 06, 2017 in Toronto, will feature high profile entrepreneurs to discuss the business aspect of policing services as well as a revamped governance session;
  • A substantial discussion took place on the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police Constable (PREP) test and other standards that are part of the Constable Selection System as a condition of employment;
  • The OACP renewed its contract with Malpass Management Services for administration services;
  • IBM presented to the Board on the organization’s “Identity Insight Technology”;
  • The Board approved in principle the proposed Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of the Attorney General on disclosure issues;
  • Inspector Mike Barksky reviewed the results of Toronto Police Service’s body-worn cameras (BWCs) pilot project and anticipated next steps. The MCSCS has contracted with the University of Toronto to produce a body of research on BWCs.

The Board of Director will next meet in Niagara Falls on April 11 and 12.

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