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London Calling: Board of Directors Meeting (#OACPBoD)

The OACP Board of Directors met in London, ON February 13 and 14, 2018. Highlights of the meeting including:

  • The parameters for the search for a new Executive Director were set by the Board.
  • The Board had a very forthright discussion about potential barriers in the Constable Selection System and received a presentation on the PREP test from representatives from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and Applicant Testing Services.
  • The Board received a presentation from Jeff Channell of York Regional Police on the costs for police services associated with the legalization of cannabis.
  • Chief Mark Saunders reported on the challenges for the Toronto Police Service related to an Ontario Human Rights Commission directive that mandates that police officers who die from mental health injuries – not just physical ones – sustained in the line of duty be included on the Toronto Police Service’s Memorial Wall.
  • Chief Saunders also reported on his service’s efforts to provide service-issued mobile devices to patrol officers.
  • The Board received an interim report from Jeff McGuire on the structure of OACP Committees.  The last review of this nature was conducted in 2010.  A final report with recommendations is expected by April after a presentation to and discussion with the Committee Chairs in March.
  • Mr. Bruce Smith from Bullet ID Corporation, who was on the team that created the Bar Code in 1979, presented on laser bar-code Technology for Ammunition Casings.
  • The Board heard a presentation from Scott Harris, Regional Deputy Commissioner, Correctional Service of Canada, for the Ontario and Nunavut Region.

The next OACP Board of Directors meeting is taking place on April 10-11, 2018 in Waterloo. 

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