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Eye and HQ Magazine Now On-line

The latest versions of the OACP’s Eye on Queen’s Park newsletter and the Winter issue of HQ Magazine are now available on our website.

In this issue of Eye on Queen’s Park newsletter, we address issues such as:

  • Police Leaders Urge SIU to Help Save Lives, Stand Down on Naloxone Position
  • A Look at Ontario’s Death Investigation Oversight Council
  • Gearing up for the OACP 2018 Annual Meeting
  • An Article on forensic Artists and OACP Associate Member Diana Trepkov
  • An Overview of the Safer Ontario Act, 2017 by Ian Johnstone from Johnstone & Cowling LLP

Articles in this issue of HQ Magazine include:

  • Implication for police services of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Tackling mental health issues
  • Helping Indigenous women live free from Violence
  • Feminist leadership in policing
  • Moving the profession of policing forward

Please contact Director of Government Relations and Communications, Joe Couto, at on advocacy, communications, and media relations issues.

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