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Committee Chairs Review

Committees, Sub-committees, and Working Groups do tremendous work in such areas as public policy development, advocacy, member and public education, and communications. They also serve as entities through which OACP members and even non-members can seek professional development and develop important contacts and relationships.  To ensure the effectiveness of all our committees, the OACP Board of Directors appointed Jeff McGuire, former Chief of the Niagara Regional Police Service and an OACP Past-President, to lead a review of our committee structure.

Chief McGuire has put together a review team which has had a number of meetings and on-line interactions.  An interim report will be shared with the OACP Board of Directors when it meets on February 13 and 14 and Chief McGuire will also attend the annual Committee Chairs meeting March 27 and 28.

A reminder to all OACP Committee Chairs that annual reports are due by February 23, 2018.

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