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Board of Directors Meet in Niagara Region (#OACPBoD)

The OACP’s Board of Directors met in Niagara-on-the-Lake on April 11 and 12 to discuss association business, as well as, public policy matters shaping policing in Ontario. Here are highlights from the meeting:

  • Chief Jeff McGuire updated the Board on the meeting of the Risk Management Committee, which discussed communicating and operationalizing the new OACP Strategic Plan. OACP members, watch for more information soon!
  • Chief Murray Rodd engaged the Board members on education and training issues at the Ontario Police College;
  • Discussion on the need for data on Police Constable application so police services can  address their recruitment challenges proactively;
  • Great sessions are planned for the OACP’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Waterloo Region (#OACP20170);
  • A presentation by Chief Mark Saunders on Toronto Police Services’ Transformation Plan;
  • Chief John Hagarty provided an update on the OACP Cyber Crime Strategy. Delegates attending the OACP 2017 Annual Meeting will have an opportunity to hear about the Strategy;
  • Chief Bryan Larkin outlined a mentoring program for newly appointed Chiefs of Police, similar to the program run by the International Association of Chiefs of Police;
  • The Board discussed issues around surveys of communities views/priorities by police services and the need to engage in research that provides a Provincial perspective;
  • The CACP’s Police Information and Statistics (POLIS) Committee is looking at issues concerning sexual assaults investigations. The Board discussed the practical implications and challenges of using the “Philadelphia Case Review Model” in Ontario;
  • The Board approved a proposal for a Provincial Next of Kin Registry that would assist police officers to access next of kin information. The Registry would be administered through the Provincial Service Ontario portal. Providing information would be voluntary;
  • A Framework Memorandum of Understanding (FMOU) with the Ministry of the Attorney General was discussed by the Board. The FMOU, a response to the R. v. Jordan decision, would provide a template for local Crowns and Chiefs of Police to consider at a local level. A letter from the OACP President will be circulated through the Zone Directors seeking feedback on the draft Framework and discussions with MAG will continue;
  • The Ministry of the Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) Assistant Deputy Minister Steve Beckett discussed the impact of the Tulloch Recommendations and its impact on the Police Services Act (especially having stand-alone legislation for oversight bodies and whether section 5 should remain in the Act) and the Strategy for a Safer Ontario); MCSCS continues to work with the University of Toronto on use of force research and may be able to consult with the Board at its June meeting on preliminary results; MCSCS has stopped training on the Road to Mental Readiness program and is evaluating the program;
  • The Board reviewed the 129 recommendations provided by Justice Michael Tulloch to the Attorney General on March 31, 2017.  The Board member’s input will guide our discussion with Attorney General Yasir Naqvi in May.
  • Chief Terry Armstrong reported to the Board that First Nations police leaders remain extremely disappointed with the response by the Federal Government to the needs of First Nations Police Services;
  • The Board discussed whether the current manner in which Police Week is developed, its relevancy and use by services, etc. OACP staff will do a post Police Week analysis and report back to the Board;
  • Chief Jennifer Evans submitted a report on issues being addressed by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. Reports are posted on the OACP website on the Board of Directors agenda.
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