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Bill 31 - Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act

This fall the Ontario Government will begin implementing changes laid out the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act., 2015.

Effective September 1, 2015, the following legislative and supporting regulatory changes will be in force:  

Distracted Driving:

  • Increased fine range for distracted driving from the current $60- $500 to $300-$1000,
  • Application of three demerit points on conviction; and,
  • Adding a distracted driving conviction for novice drivers to the Escalating Sanction Regime under the Graduated Licensing System.


  • Increased fine range for “dooring” from the current $60 - $500 to $300 -$1000,
  • Increased fine for non-compliance with the motor-assisted bicycle and bicycle light, reflector and reflective material requirements from $20 to a set fine amount that falls in the range of $60 - $500,
  • The requirement that drivers of motor vehicles to maintain a minimum distance of one metre, where practical, when passing cyclists on highways.

Slow Down, Move Over Law:

  • Extending the “slow-down, move over” requirement to include tow trucks stopped at roadside with flashing amber lights activated. 
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